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Feb 15

Learn more about Computer Adaptive Testing

These videos from the Virginia Department of Education explain the basic principle for how Computer Adaptive Testing works and will also provide information about Computer Adaptive Testing in Virginia.

Click here to learn more about Computer Adaptive Testing

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Nov 10

VIDEO: Heart of Henrico

Click to watch the video

Aaron Mullins is not just the P.E. teacher at Donahoe Elementary, he is the Heart of Henrico.

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Oct 20

VIDEO: Donahoe Race

Click to watch the video

Donahoe Elementary’s P.E. teacher, Aaron Mullins challenges 4th graders to a race.

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Oct 16

VIDEO: Today’s Classroom

Click to watch video

HCPS TV stopped by Ms. Hammill’s 2nd grade class, at Donahoe Elementary, and learned a little about main ideas.

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Sep 27

Donahoe Is Ready, Respectful & Responsible!

Listen to Donahoe’s new morning chant, featuring Mrs. Lee’s first grade class!

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Sep 11



The gifted referral window for students in kindergarten, first and second grade is                    January 2 – 19, 2018.  If you would like to refer your child for possible gifted identification, please submit your request during this window, in writing to Francine White ( or Karen Wright ( Your referral can be in the form of a handwritten note or an email, but referrals cannot be taken over the phone.

For more information about the gifted identification process please consult the Gifted Programs page on the HCPS website.


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Sep 01

Are YOU ready to start building?

Click on the link to hear a message from the Donahoe family!


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Aug 07








4 boxes 24 count crayons

1 box of washable markers (primary colors)

1 pair metal scissors (Fiskars brand preferred)

24 pre-sharpened pencils

Pack of pink bar erasers  

30 — glue sticks (Elmer’s brand preferred)

3 marble composition books

2 pocket plastic folders

Plastic Supply box (8×5 size)

4 dry erase markers (thin and

Expo brand preferred)

2 large boxes tissues

1 box Ziploc bags (girls — gallon size boys — sandwich size)

Change of clothes in a Ziploc bag with name on it

1 large bottle hand sanitizer

1 box wet wipes



2 boxes of 24 #2 YELLOW pre-sharpened pencils

Safety Scissors

4 boxes crayons

20 glue sticks

4 marble composition books

1 primary journal

1 pack of 4 low odor white board markers

2 pocket folders

School Supply Box

3 large boxes tissues

1 container of Lysol cleaning wipes

Large liquid anti-bacterial gel (not soap)

1 box Ziploc gallon bags

2 black Sharpie markers



4 boxes of Crayola crayons – 24 count

4 boxes of YELLOW #2 pencils (24 count) pre-sharpened

Safety Scissors

30 jumbo glue sticks

5 marble composition books (black and white)

6 large pink erasers

Zippered pouch (No pencil boxes, please)

3 large boxes of tissues

1 box Ziploc bags (boys- gallon size,  girls- sandwich size)

1 Pack low odor white board markers

1 pair of headphones

1 plastic pocket folder

1 pack sticky notes



4 marble composition books

2 – 1” three-ring binder (1” ONLY, please)

1 pack #2 pencils (48 count)

24 glue sticks

4 dry erase markers (Black Expo)

3 large boxes tissues

2 box crayons – 24 count max (No markers, please)

2 packs WIDE RULED loose leaf paper

1 box Ziploc sandwich bags – girls

1 box gallon plastic bags – boys

Safety Scissors

Zippered pouch for storing supplies (NO pencil boxes, please)

Multiplication Flashcards

1 clipboard – flat spring style

1 pack red pens


12 oz. hand sanitizer or box of wet wipes



100 sharpened #2 pencils

1 pack of cap erasers

2 packs of crayons

1 pack of markers

6 highlighters

Safety Scissors

20 small glue sticks or 10 big glue sticks

2 packs of wide rule loose leaf paper

1 – 3 ring (2”) binder 

1 package of 5 dividers

1 pair of headphones

5 composition books (black, red, yellow, green, blue)

Zippered pouch for storing items

3 boxes of tissues

Boys – 1 box gallon size freezer Ziploc bags

Girls – 1 box quart freezer Ziploc bags

1 – 12 oz. hand sanitizer bottle

1 package of sticky notes

1 package of dry erase markers

1 box pre-sharpened colored pencils

1 pack of 3 x 5 index cards

1 clipboard (flat spring style)

1 poly plastic folder (3-prong with pockets)



1 pack #2 pencils (72-count)

5 marble composition books

1 — 2” three-ring binder with 5 or more dividers

1 pair of safety scissors

1 box of markers and crayons (No colored pencils, please)

24 glue sticks

4 highlighters

2 packs of WIDE RULED loose leaf paper

2 packs of 3×5 index cards

3 large boxes of tissues

12 oz. hand sanitizer

1-4 pack of dry erase markers

2 containers of wipes

1 box zipper bags (boys — sandwich, girls — gallon)

4-5 red ink pens  

1 pair earbuds (Dollar Tree)

1 bottle of glue

6 poly plastic folders (3-prong with pockets)


Clipboard (flat spring style)

Zipper pouch (No crayon boxes, please)

2 packs of 3X3 sticky notes

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Mar 28

VIDEO: Today’s Classroom

TC-Donahoe16-17 b

HCPS-TV joined Monique Brown’s Fifth Grade class as they spent the morning exploring electricity; focusing on insulators and conductors. Click here to watch the video.

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Jan 24


Parents! Go to the following link to learn all about our ALL DONAHOE READS program!



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