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Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message




Greetings Donahoe Families,


Let me start with a gigantic “THANK YOU” for all of the effort that you’ve made to ensure that we as a family grow, learn, work, converse and understand together.  We are the dream team and continue to make great strides as we focus on the success of our students.  I want to share with you that our goal was to ensure that every student made progress in reading and guess what?  Even in a pandemic, our students are making great strides and bridging the gap from last year to this year.  It’s going to take small steps and we are not going to slow down.


With March being the month of basketball and March Madness, we are taking it to the next level in terms of reading.  We want to go further into reading and ensure that our students continue to  increase their reading levels by increasing the number of students who are on or above reading level will are about to embark on Lexia March Madness.  That’s right parents.  You heard it here first.  This is how it works.  Students will work towards their Lexia unit goal each week and graph the total number of units on their Lexia Weekly Goal Tracker.  This will help keep students accountable of their progress.   Students who meet their weekly goal will receive a Lexia Buck for prizes each week.  Students can opt to save their Lexia Bucks for a larger prize or gain access to the book vending machine.  The more students meet their weekly goal, a bigger prize awaits them.  I can’t wait to see the students take on this challenge.  Lexia is about to get famous!


During the first week of March, we will be celebrating Read Across America in a big way.  We will be celebrating the entire week.  A flyer went home on February 25th and it will be part of the calendar of the March newsletter.  Having a love of reading and celebrating it with fun activities is what elementary school is all about.  Please make sure to get your child into the spirit.  We will be sharing pictures on our Facebook page.


Students are so fired up about school and we want to keep the momentum going.  We would really love to have our parents join in the amazing things students are doing with their academics, creativity, digital citizenship and global citizenship.  Our students are ready for the next level of their education and we need to be there to support them every step of the way.  Keep asking questions, sharing information with us that will help ensure our students are ready beyond high school. Let’s make this March a month full of learning, and fun for our students and ourselves.  We can do this TOGETHER.




Monday, February. 28 – Read a Silly Story and wear a Silly Outfit

Tuesday, March 1  – Read a book about a famous American and dress like them Inventor/celebrity

Wednesday, March 2  – Read about an athlete & wear something to rep your favorite sports team

Thursday, March 3 – Read a book about a different culture & wear something to rep your family’s culture or hometown.

Friday, March 4  – Read your favorite book and wear your favorite color



Stephanie V. Williams